Ainslie Busting Gut For The Cup

Ben Ainslie and his crew are practicing sailing under tough weather condition before the America’s Cup.

The view of the match was like Ainslie is busting his gut in the quest of the cup. Who knows what will happen in the championship but, when practice is tough then there are always a positive hope.

Cold salt water showers on Ben Ainslie and his crew as soon as they enter “flight” mode. There catamaran ropes and hulls creak and groan when it was out at sea and in the hand of Ainslie, but, it is not the hurdle that can resist Ainslie and his crew to practice sail. The catamaran that Ainslie is used for practice sail has long vast wings. The length of the wing is equal to the length of 737 aircrafts. Taking such long catamaran in sea for sailing is not easy task that could be done by any sailor. It is the sailors like Ainslie, who can handle it. It requires complete concentration, quick and accurate extensions to get things on right track. (more…)