Barrington Elected As OCI Vice President

Colm Barrington from Sailing was voted and he won the position of First Vice–President of Olympic Council of Ireland with clear majority. The voting takes place at the Hotel Conrad in Dublin.

For three decades the OCI was ruled by former president Pat Hicke. With the election of new first Vice—President, OCI has welcomed a new era and end of previous one.

Barrington, who is 70 years old and he was nominated by the Irish Sailing Association (ISA). ISA nominated him as a candidate for ‘First Vice President’. Former Aer Lingus Chairman and the champion of the Irish sailing came in the support of Barrington. Sarah Keane’s was nominated for the position of president and the sailor also received the support of everyone who supported Barrington. She has a background in a Dubrovnik Bareboat Yacht Charter company. In the voting both Barrington and Keane received majority votes, it was 29 votes and was chosen for their respective post.

After the voting Keane shared thought and said “I feel privileged and humbled to be elected as President. I am very happy to become the president of the OCI. The support and confidence I got from the federation of Olympic sports is really outstanding and I am thankful to everyone for giving me this amount of support in the election. I am looking forward to work the new team and officers of OCI and take OCI to the next level in sailing game.”

“Ireland performance in Olympic is too good, especially when people here are mad for sports and nation too has all types of resources to support sports in every way. However, I will try to break boundaries and will try to create a new competitive environment for sailing sports in the country.” He added.

A complete interview of Barrington is available on the internet. It can be checked for more details.